Will 4wd Stadium Truck \ 10th Truggy be the next big thing

Will 4wd Stadium Truck become the next big class.

Since Tekno released the new ET410 we have seen people talking about the class,  We have seen people like Mark Vyne make a guide on what you need to convert your TLR 22-4 2.0 into a 4wd stadium truck.

What company will be the next to release a truck for this class.  Will it be AE with a T64.  Will a racer convert a B64 to a T64 with T6.1 parts?

If this class does take off what motor should be used for Spec racing.

  • 13.5
  • 10.5

Let us know what you think and is this #RCLYFE

Here is a list of what Mark Vyne has post on the 22 Empire page on facebook.


Parts list:
Complete 22-4 2.0
Front Stadium truck arms TLR234091
Rear Stadium Truck arms TLR234092
22T 4.0 Front and rear shocks
22T 4.0 wheels
2 sets – 93mm bones
22-4 rear axles 
22T4.0 Front body mount – TLR231042
(4) 22 std aluminum hex
22-4 front wheel nuts
22t camber links
3 packs of TLR shock limiters
1, 2 and 3mm ball stud washers
20 degree caster blocks for 22 4 2.0(optional)
+3 rear hubs (optional)
Axle shims
Exotek or TLR front hinge pin mount aluminum (optional)

Front suspension build:

– Remove shocks arms and axles from the 22-4

– Using the 4wd hinge pins, install the stadium truck front arms. Right on left side and left on right side. This swap is to position the shocks to fit on the back of the factor 4wd front tower. You’ll need to shim the arm 1mm after front metal brace and use a 2,1 and 1/2mm spacer between the arm and hinge pin mount. This will shim the arm forward as much as possible. It should be tight, but free when complete.

– Mount the caster block and camber block on for the 22-4 on the ends of the stadium truck arms (I’ve milled the caster block 2mm on the bottom and side. The bottom is to move the hub up 2mm. Not necessary but its how I run my 4wd buggy. The 2mm side mill is to move the hub forward to give better clearance to the shock and bone. I do not think it is necessary). If you decide to mill hubs, use loc-tite on the shelf bolts to ensure they stay in.

– Install the 93mm bones on the rear axles of the 22-4. install the drive line using rear hub bearing spacers between the bearing and Hex. Install pin and hex. The axle should spin free with no play and have the correct length in the diff out-drive.

– Install caber links from the 22T 4.0. reverse the inner camber link ball stud (move to the front) and put a 3mm spacer under it. It might be necessary to use a longer thread ball stud. The purpose for this is to make room for the front shock. Use the rear camber links from the 22-4.2.0 for the steering links. Use the non ribbed inner ball cup to help with steering clearance on steering linkage.

– Install 22T 4.0 front shocks. Use the longer spring cup and add a 2mm shim on the shock shaft to raise the spring cup away from the drive shaft. Mount the top of the shocks on the back side of the front shock tower. Use the outer shock mount location. Lengths or stroke are being tested so I’m not including anything until a good setup is finalized.

– Install the stadium truck front body mounts using the inner most hole for shocks on the shock tower. This hole should not be used for shocks due to wide bottom mounting location on the stadium truck arms.

– Use TLR stadium truck wheels and 22-4 front wheel nuts when mounting wheels

Rear suspension Build

– Remove rear shocks arms and axles from the 22-4

– Using the 4wd hinge pins, install the stadium truck rear arms. Use a 2 and 1mm spacer in front of the arm to shim the arm back as far as possible. When mounted the arm should be tight and move free.

– Mount the rear hub using 3mm spacers on the front and 1mm spacers on the back (longest wheelbase possible)

– Install axles with 93mm bones and 22-4 rear axles. Some shims might be needed between the axle and rear hub to achieve the correct bone position in the diff out-drive. I’m using 5 thin shims.

– Install rear caber links from the 22T 4.0.

-Install rear stadium truck shocks on front or rear of the arms and tower.

– Use 22-4 front wheel nuts to mount he rear wheels


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Images from Mark Vyne

Link to 22 Empire on Fackbook https://www.facebook.com/groups/22empire