RCLYFE 22SCT In-Line Lipo Band Cradle Strap

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The RCLYFE 22SCT In-Line lipo battery cradle is designed to bring the weight of the battery into the center line of the truck. This limits the amount of weight transferred from side to side, increasing the performance, and handling of the truck.. Used in conjunction with RCLYFE parts (RCL050, RCL051, RCL053) you can get the best out of your 22SCT.

Included in the kit:

  • Qty 1 3mm Lipo Cradle
  • Qty 4 M3 20mm Screw
  • Qty 4 M3 Nuts
  • Qty 2 Standoffs
  • Qty 2 Bands

**Cutting the mud guards is required for proper installation**

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