TLR 22 4.0/5.0 Rear Shock Tower Shim

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In reaction to the Team Losi Racing blog post about shimming the tower on the Losi 22 4.0 \ 5.0. RCLYFE has decided to make a 1mm, 2mm and 3mm shim for the shock tower. This shim keeps the load off the screws and makes it very easy to install and remove. No need to mess with 4 individual 1mm ball stud shims and now keeps the stress where it belongs on the trans case. "as a NOTE this works on any TLR Car Running the 4.0 Laydown Trans. When adding 2mm and 3mm use 4 new M3 x 12mm Screws These are not provided." #RCLYFE

Tower Option

  • 1mm
  • 2mm with 3D Printed Spacers
  • 3mm with 3D Printed Spacers

TLR Blog 22 4.0 raised rear shock tower 1mm

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