New RCLYFE TLR 22 4.0 1mm Shock Tower Shim

RCLYFE TLR 22 4.0  1MM Shock Tower Shim

In reaction to the Team Losi Racing blog post about shimming the tower on the Losi 22 4.0. RCLYFE has decided to make a 1mm shim for the shock tower.  This shim keeps the load off the screws and makes it very easy to install and remove.  No need to mess with 4 individual 1mm ball stud shims and now keeps the stress where it belongs on the trans case.  “as a NOTE this works on any TLR Car Running the 4.0 Laydown Trans”  #RCLYFE


Price $10.00

TLR Blog 22 4.0 raised rear shock tower 1mm