New for 2019 from ROAR Motor Claim Rule for 2019 Nationals


Notice of Motor Claim Rule for 2019 Nationals

ROAR is chartered with the purpose to promote and regulate the sport of radio controlled scale model car racing. Perhaps no other activity which ROAR engages in is more important to this purpose than our ability to enact and enforce rules that promote and assure fair competition. Our members must be confident that they are competing on a level playing field when they enter a ROAR sanctioned event. It is clear from member input that developments in the area of spec wind electric motors have left members uncertain that ROAR is accomplishing the goal of providing that level playing field.  ROAR is evaluating and planning several actions designed to restore the confidence of our members in our ability to provide fair competition. The first of those actions is the implementation of a formal motor claim provision for relevant classes at National events.  Beginning with National events held in 2019, a motor claim rule will be in effect for all spec motor classes at ROAR electric national events. At the conclusion of any Main, the ROAR Race Management Team will have the right to claim any motor used in competition by any competitor in classes requiring spec wind motors (25.5, 21.5, 17.5, 13.5 and 10.5). Complete motors will be claimed and returned to the ROAR designated inspection lab for further evaluation.  The findings of this post race inspection at the lab will not alter the results of the event so long as there is no evidence that the motor had been tampered with following pre-race tech inspection and approval  at the event. However; those inspection results may become the basis for future actions involving the competitor and/or motor manufacturer. Depending on the specific results of the lab evaluation, postrace actions up to and including a ban from competition or rescinding a motor’s approval are possible. Competitors whose motors are selected for claim will be reimbursed the maximum allowable motor price under rules in effect at that time (currently $149.99). Any competitor refusing the claim will be disqualified from their finishing position in the class where that motor was used. Although every effort is made through pre-race inspection at National events to assure that motors used in competition meet all specifications; characteristics which can impact performance such as wire diameter and stator plate configuration cannot be completely evaluated non-destructively at an event. Motor tear down and specialized equipment available only at the lab can be required to perform such evaluations. This practice is similar to that followed by full scale sanctioning bodies such as NASCAR who return vehicles to their tech center following events in spite of having millions invested in trackside inspection equipment.


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