The Stabilizer for 22 Series Rear Sway Bar Mount

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The Stabilizer is a new rear sway bar mount for the TLR 22 platform made of 100% Carbon Fiber. The Stabilizer is designed to lower the CG of the sway bar mount and move the links to the front. Moving the links to the front helps make the bar more reactive and give a more positive feeling to the rear of the car.

What is in the Kit

1 Bottom Mount

1 Top Plate

2 M3X3mm Set screws

2 M3X20mm Button Head screws

1 M2X6mm

2 M3X12mm Set screw for Sway Bar Links

Parts you will need

2x TLR234107 for the 22 5.0 Steering Ball Cups

2X TLR234000 or LOS234034 or TLR6025 or TLR6030 4.8 x 6mm Ball Stud

1X TLR334055 for the 4.8mm Sway Bar Ball Mounts and Black Color

1X TLR334006 for the 22-4 rear bars.

Works with the following Kits.

22 3.0 - 5.0, 22T 3.0, 4.0, 22SCT 3.0, and RCLYFE LowRider.

When installing the bar on the 22 5.0 rear arm you will want to remove the lower gear guard to add clearance for the sway bar end links.

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