TLR 22-4 Flex Top Plate and Mounting System

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We recommend starting with the Medium Top Plate and working from their. If you need more or less flex in the car move to the soft plate. If you need less flex move to the hard plate.

Option Top Plate

  • Soft "Dirt Clay Stock 13.5 only"
  • Medium "Medium Bite to High Bite" -- Mod or 13.5 Stock
  • Hard "Super High Bite Clay and Carpet -- Mod or 13.5 Stock"


To install the kit you must remove 2mm from the front of the shock tower. This is allow the top plate to fit between the tower and the inner camber link block

If you are shimming your rear diff up. Please add the same size ship to the op of the posts. "Always make sure you have a screw that is the correct length".

We recommend removing the tunnel as in the pictures above this allows the plate to work as designed.


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