22-4 "Z" Strap Battery Strap

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The TLR 22-4 "Z" Strap Battery Strap

This battery strap was designed to stop the need of taping in the battery on the 22-4. This strap captures the Lipo in a carbon fiber cage to hold the battery in the car and does not require the stock tunnel at all. Strap mounts off the factory mounting post in the mudguard.

*Note You will need to modify your Tunnel and Side guard to get full forward and back clearance. Just like the TLR Team is running*

What is in the Kit

  • 2x Carbon Fiber Straps
  • 1x M3 Mounting screw to chassis
  • 2x M3 Nuts
  • 2x Long M3 mounting screws
  • 1x Short M3 mounting screw.
  • 3x Hex Spacers

We also have an optional Low clearance spacer kit for thin battery's The strap was designed around a 25mm Lipo Battery

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